The Christmas Tinner: Review

Hiding in the background for years, lurking where no one can find it, GAME have been selling a truly monstrous, yet curious product: A Christmas Dinner in a Tin! Otherwise known as the Christmas ‘Tinner’. Apparently, it’s been around since 2013 and only costs a mere £1.99. However, purchases are few and far between, because its so gross, who would provide the demand to have … Continue reading The Christmas Tinner: Review

5 Tweets that Sum Up Starbucks Customers

Be it a coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a weird Babyccino thing, Starbucks is a place for all kinds of people: a place where you can meet retro internet Cafe type people, the book readers, or even the caffeine addicts looking for a quick fix before leaving. Here are 5 tweets that sum up what Starbucks Customers are all about: 1) The Kind who you … Continue reading 5 Tweets that Sum Up Starbucks Customers

Ice Skating: A Christmas Death Trap

Picture this, you’ve taken your partner ice skating to show off your moves and to woo them with your style. There’s just one problem… You can’t skate. No more than 5 seconds after entering the rink, you place your feet on the icy floor and fall straight onto your bony backside. The pain. The Agony. The embarrassment. Not only are you now on the floor, … Continue reading Ice Skating: A Christmas Death Trap

Amazon Echo: Gateway to Diabetes

Sitting here in my chair, with my fat arse unable to move because of my fat belly, which has developed over the three weeks I’ve had this death trap of a device. A true she devil when it comes to trapping individuals in a blubber prison cell… Alexa. The product itself is incredible, but after about a week of using this thing, I became dependent, … Continue reading Amazon Echo: Gateway to Diabetes

Why ‘The Range’ is the place for Christmas decorations

Picture this, you’re pootling around the Christmas market, or your local garden centre (which weirdly do Christmas displays really well) and you’ve just spent £30 on a light up reindeer. 2 days later, you go into ‘The Range’ and see the exact same reindeer for £12.99. You feel like an absolute mug, there is a hole in your wallet and the only thing that’s gonna … Continue reading Why ‘The Range’ is the place for Christmas decorations