The Christmas Tinner: Review

Hiding in the background for years, lurking where no one can find it, GAME have been selling a truly monstrous, yet curious product: A Christmas Dinner in a Tin! Otherwise known as the Christmas ‘Tinner’. Apparently, it’s been around since 2013 and only costs a mere £1.99. However, purchases are few and far between, because its so gross, who would provide the demand to have … Continue reading The Christmas Tinner: Review

5 Tweets that Sum Up Starbucks Customers

Be it a coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a weird Babyccino thing, Starbucks is a place for all kinds of people: a place where you can meet retro internet Cafe type people, the book readers, or even the caffeine addicts looking for a quick fix before leaving. Here are 5 tweets that sum up what Starbucks Customers are all about: 1) The Kind who you … Continue reading 5 Tweets that Sum Up Starbucks Customers

Why the iPhone 8 Plus is better than iPhone X

I’m sat here typing this on my iPhone 6s, which in my opinion borders on the right side of Apple technology. Sure the new iPhones look great and have SO many new features- like 4, but are they really worth it? I mean, no headphone jack? This would not have happened with Steve. Let’s face it, you can buy a new iPhone or any new … Continue reading Why the iPhone 8 Plus is better than iPhone X

The Best British Chocolate: Review

To be honest I do love chocolate, and I think if there’s anything we brits can be proud of over the American’s, it’s our sweet selection. We’re just more liberal with sugar, and equally more willing to pay the tax. Chocolate brings joy to everyone… and diabetes. Which is why there’s diabetic chocolates now. Here are a few of the best chocolates that Britain has … Continue reading The Best British Chocolate: Review

Why is Tea such a mission to enjoy now?

As a brit, there is nothing I love more than telling people how much I love tea. It’s the best, better than water, better than life even. But regardless of its reputation as the nations favourite drink, purchases of tea have declined, and so too the ambition to drink it as well. Here are the daily struggles a tea drinker will face… Tea is a … Continue reading Why is Tea such a mission to enjoy now?

Ice Skating: A Christmas Death Trap

Picture this, you’ve taken your partner ice skating to show off your moves and to woo them with your style. There’s just one problem… You can’t skate. No more than 5 seconds after entering the rink, you place your feet on the icy floor and fall straight onto your bony backside. The pain. The Agony. The embarrassment. Not only are you now on the floor, … Continue reading Ice Skating: A Christmas Death Trap