5 Tweets that Sum Up Starbucks Customers

Be it a coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a weird Babyccino thing, Starbucks is a place for all kinds of people: a place where you can meet retro internet Cafe type people, the book readers, or even the caffeine addicts looking for a quick fix before leaving.

Here are 5 tweets that sum up what Starbucks Customers are all about:

1) The Kind who you know wears a scarf indoors, has a high self-opinion and doesn’t mind offending people.


Pretentious and offensive at the same time.

2) The ones who think they’re in Central Perk


3) Those who use Laptops… and those who ‘Use’ Laptops at Starbucks


There’s a devil in all of us.

4) The Struggling Artist


5) The ‘Irish’ Drinker whose waiting for the pubs to open


6) The Genius/C**t


So comment below to let me know if I’ve missed anything out or if you agree with my thoughts.


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