The Christmas Tinner: Review

Hiding in the background for years, lurking where no one can find it, GAME have been selling a truly monstrous, yet curious product: A Christmas Dinner in a Tin! Otherwise known as the Christmas ‘Tinner’. Apparently, it’s been around since 2013 and only costs a mere £1.99. However, purchases are few and far between, because its so gross, who would provide the demand to have … Continue reading The Christmas Tinner: Review

The Best of British Christmas Food

Every year, we stuff our faces with whatever food we like and say ‘Oh it’s fine, it’s Christmas’, and in return our bodies don’t give us any grief. Christmas is a time for eating more than anything, be it salty, sweet, spicy or just plain sawdust (whack a bit of cinnamon on- lovely). Mince Pies What would Christmas be without a personal sized pastry filled … Continue reading The Best of British Christmas Food